About the project

The indexing and, more broadly, the entire work done on the Fuggerzeitungen has been funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) (Projekt P 23080-G18) under the direction of PD Dr. Katrin Keller. The project has started in March 2011 and will last until February 2015. The project is hosted by the Austrian Institute of Historical Research (IÖG) and has been pursued in cooperation with the Department of Manuscripts and Old Prints of the Austrian National Library in Vienna.
The project team has been made up by Dr. Katrin Keller, Dr. Paola Molino, and until February 2013 by MMag. Nikolaus Schobesberger, who is also the author of the geographical maps to be found under Materialien
The identification of all people and places quoted in the Fuggerzeitungen has started already during the indexing of the newsletters. Approximately 10.000 people and 5.500 places had been already identified when the project team completed the access register in Autumn 2012. In order to carry out the remaining identifications, the project team contacted experts in specific fields of studies or geographical areas. From October 2012 until January 2013 the following colleagues collaborated to the project Fuggerzeitungen on this basis:
Dr. Katharina Arnegger (Vienna)
Dr. Zoltán Bagi (Szeged, Hungary)
Dr. Frédéric Ieva (Turin, Italy)
Dr. Ilaria Maggiulli (Bologna/Rom, Italy)
Dr. Chiara Palazzo (Venice, Italy)
Mag. Inge Schipper (Leiden, Netherlands)
Mag. Nurdan Sentürk (Vienna)
The editing of the index of people and the research into the GND (Gemeinsame Normdatei- Integrated Authority File) was carried out by MMag. Sarah Pichlkastner (Vienna)
Dr. Margarete Biringer (Vienna) kindly shared with the project some excerpts of her PhD thesis (2007, Bibliographie), in which she has transcribed the Fugger handwritten newsletters from Vienna and Prague from about 1580’s.